How It Works

How Does Work?

Ticketlocity is not fast and easy to use, But it is also FREE for Event Organizers to use. 

You can have your event setup on Ticketlocity within a matter of Minutes! The process is:

  1. Setup an Account
  2. Setup your event
  3. Setup Payment Information so that you can receive funds (every 2 business days)
  4. Promote your event is on Ticketlocity
  5. Monitor your Sales

You also have the option to setup Promo Codes and Access codes which can be used just for certain ticket types. 

Day of Event, You can download the Ticketlocity Checkin App. Available for both Apple and Andriod Users. Scan tickets as they come in the door. No 2 tickets can be scanned into the system which means you dont have to worry about tickets being copied.

No latter how many entry points you have, the Ticketlocity Checkin App works in real time to make sure one ticket scan means one ticket scan!


If you need Flyers, Postcards or event Retractable Banners for your Event, You can get them via Ticketlocity at a discounted rate. Feel free to email for details.